Organic Gluten/Grain-Free Pizza Bites

Snow Days makes clean, delicious versions of your favorite nostalgic foods, starting with an organic, gluten/grain-free, zero-crap pizza bite. We’re talking SUPER clean – like “no artificial ingredients, preservatives, added sugars, grains, fillers, dyes, industrial oils, and packed with veggies” CLEAN. But just because it is clean doesn’t mean you will sacrifice on taste – Snow Days are consistently reviewed as the best tasting pizza bites people have ever had!

Organic Grass-Fed Dairy Ice Cream & Organic Plant-Based Ice Cream

At Cosmic Bliss, we are obsessed with making out-of-this-world, creamy frozen desserts in the most responsible, natural, and sustainable way possible. We call it: Indulgence Done Right. All of our products are USDA Certified Organic, Certified Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO Project Verified. Whether you’re craving organic 100% plant-based frozen treats or our NEW Organic Grass-Fed dairy ice cream (made with 100% grass-fed milk), we’ve got blissful desserts for ALL ice cream lovers – from vegans to omnivores and everyone in between – who have an appetite for a better, stronger, and happier planet.

Gluten/Grain-Free Pizza & Breads

Against The Grain aims to set THE standard in gluten/grain-free baked goods by taking artisan baking techniques and combining them with naturally gluten/grain-free ingredients. Our products taste like bread because…well, that’s what they are: bread! We do not need to use bizarre or artificial ingredients to manufacture flavor and texture; we believe that simple and clean ingredients will always make the best products. So our breads are made in small batches, using ingredients you can find from farms and in your pantry: cheese, milk, eggs. And the rave reviews show the results are incredibly delicious!